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About PS in foodservice

Store, share and use

PS in foodservice is the central hub for product information. Many producers of all sizes enter their product information in the database. Customers and wholesalers use this information to advise and inform their patients, guests and customers. PS makes it possible for them to store, share and find product information.

One central point

PS has noticed that there is an increasing need for controlled product information that can be stored and accessed in a central hub. So what could be better than making product information available in a single, central place which can be accessed by anyone? This is what PS in foodservice does.

Rapid growth

PS in foodservice was founded in 2010. The basis of PS in foodservice was a healthcare database that we purchased in 2010. PS in foodservice soon grew both in terms of the company size and the number of products in the database. Today we have almost 200,000 of them! 

We started out in 2010 with 8,000 products and 80 brands. As of May 2016 we have 195,000 products in the database! PS keeps on growing.


Working Apart Together, WAT building

Together with its sister companies  Foodstep Fan FactoryFoodservice Network , Shoot my food/ communicationsFood Inspiration and Spring Instituut, PS in foodservice is housed in the WAT building in Bennekom. WAT stands for Working Apart Together. Every organisation in the building operates according to its own philosophy but we multiply by sharing with one another. 

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